About the jewelry...

Exploring the human/nature connection through time-honored metalsmithing techniques

  • The Work

    I create jewelry that memorializes the natural world, wearable amulets we can keep on our bodies to encourage our connection to it. Nature is my teacher; in all seasons I move through it and observe. My relationship with nature, forged over time, helps me feel grounded and content when ubiquitous technology has made life feel the opposite.

    This vital relationship with nature is the inspiration for my current work. Some of my pieces are created to make immortal the wild and undisturbed beauty I see on a hike. Others combine natural forms with more rigid structures and are inspired by my exploratory walks through the city. Wild plants growing out of impossible little spaces remind me to persevere. When my mental perspective feels narrow and confined, getting outside and physically experiencing a broader view is a powerful antidote. Connecting with, nurturing and valuing nature helps me to do these things for myself. Creating wearable, symbolic reminders of these lessons allows for them to be carried wherever I go.

  • The Process

    The jewelry is created at a traditional jewelers bench using a combination of time-honored metalsmithing and goldsmithing techniques such as wax carving and casting, metal manipulation and fabrication using an array of hand tools, torch soldering, sanding and polishing. Each piece is of original design and made scrupulously by hand. All Maricha’s jewelry is either completely one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition or small scale production group.

  • The Artist

    Maricha Genovese is the owner, designer and maker... Starting from very early childhood, Maricha has explored many artistic mediums and materials, always finding joy in visual expression. Making things with her hands has been an important constant throughout her life. Ultimately realizing she could combine her love of creating objects and her longtime fascination with miniatures is what led Maricha to pursue a career in jewelry-making. Since graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia she has gained skill and honed her technique by apprenticing and working for her mentors in the field and now has 15 years experience making jewelry.